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The Great Race: Wrong Stop
A large ferry roams across the sea. On it lies twelve locomotives who did not appear to be from around Sodor. Each engine was different from the other. Some looked very sleek and strong, while others were more drastic in appearance—in fact, one of the engines had bars roamed across its face. But, what they all had in common was the exhaustion and stress frozen on their faces.
“How much more of this,” asked a small green tank engine.
“A hundred-thousand more miles until we reach our final destination,” moaned a large red and black streamlined engine.
All of the engines groaned. They had been on the ferry for weeks—even a month or two for some.
“This is torture!” cried a yellow vertical-boilered tank engine. "We're never going to get off this boat!" 
A large pink tank engine with a variety of brightly-colored Indian textiles sighed heavily. “Come down, Raul,” she said. “We will get to the Great Railway Show soone
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Big Softies :iconpuccarocks123:puccarocks123 32 15 The Narrow Gague Crew :iconpuccarocks123:puccarocks123 19 18

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I'm here............and I have some bad news.

As I have stated before, I am Autistic, and also still in high school. To help with that, I am enrolled in a ASPECT satellite class at St Columba's Catholic Collage, under the high school program of ASPECT. The high school program is basically a way to get students integrated and comfortable with high school, and to provide support if needed.  While I mostly go to my classes now, I still have support in some important classes.

Unfortunately, ASPECT has recently run into trouble with the higher ups, the DE(not really them, but I cant remember the real name). The DE  have basically ignored the high school program's main goal, to integrate Autistic kids into the high school, and have basically said that the teachers in S Bradman, the satellite class, don't do enough teaching, which isn't the fucking point of the program. DE basically stated if they don't draw students back into the homeroom and teach the main core subjects, the high school program will lose funding and be shut down. ASPECT's president isn't doing anything about it, and I have lost all my respect for him. So, in worse circumstances, I would have basically been handicapped for the rest of my life if I stayed(DE is denying ROSA to high school students that stay in ASPECT), and lost any progress on my ROSA if I left ASPECT and the school.

Keyword being 'worse circumstances'.

ASPECT is in constant contact with the schools the satellite classes are in. St Columba's has offered my family a spot for me in the school, and we're taking it. While most things won't change, my homeroom will change, and I will not have support in classes. (Though they are working on that......) I will also lose transport, but I'm not worried about that, I have faith in my parents, goddammit! They will find a way to get me to school.

Thankfully, I don't transfer till August, and this whole thing could be sorted by then, but that would take a miracle and those are fickle. But try not to worry too much. I'm fine, and the transfer, when it comes, will go off without a hitch.



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